­čĹőMit gro├čer Freude m├Âchten ich verk├╝nden, dass dieser Service "My-Biolink.de" nun endlich online ist! Es war eine aufregende Reise bis hierhin, und ich freuen mich darauf, euch willkommen zu hei├čen. Weitere Informationen findest du auf Mastodon!

Our Free and Ad-Free Service

Created on 28 August, 2023 | Help

Dear Users,

We want to emphasize that the service provided by "My-Biolink.de" is and will remain completely free of charge. We take pride in offering our users an ad-free environment for creating and sharing bio link pages, shortened URLs, VCards, and event links. This philosophy is something we are committed to maintaining in the future as well.

It's important to us that everyone can access useful online tools without being distracted by intrusive advertisements. However, we'd also like to mention that we greatly appreciate users who value our work and have the option to support us with a voluntary donation. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps ensure the operation and ongoing development of our services.

Thank you to our entire community for using "My-Biolink.de." Together, we're creating a platform focused on quality and user experience.

Updated on 28 August, 2023