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Dear users of ","

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your loyalty and use of my platform. A lot of work and passion goes into developing and maintaining "," and it brings me joy to see how you use the services to create and share your bio links, shortened URLs, VCards, and event links.

Offering this service for free and keeping it ad-free in the future is very important to me. I firmly believe that useful online tools should be accessible without the inconvenience of advertisements.

Ways to Support:

  1. PayPal Donation: If you value my efforts and would like to contribute to keeping the website up and running, as well as further development, you can send a donation via PayPal. Every amount, no matter how small, is a significant help.
  2. Amazon Wishlist: You can also support me in a very personal way by "buying me a coffee" from my Amazon Wishlist. This gesture truly motivates me and shows that you appreciate the value of my work.
  3. Additional Support: If you have other ideas on how you can support me, whether it's sharing the website with friends or providing constructive feedback to improve the service, I am equally grateful.

What's Special About Your Support:

As a token of appreciation for your generous support, I would like to give something back to you. Anyone who makes a donation via PayPal or sends me a small gift from my Amazon Wishlist will have the opportunity to remove branding from your bio link. Simply contact me through the contact form after your donation, and I will personally take care of it.

Your support means a tremendous amount to me. It demonstrates that "" provides value to you, and together as a community, we can achieve more.

Thank you once again for your usage and potential support. Let's continue to connect, share, and create in an ad-free and helpful environment.

Warm regards,

Ronny Melzer

Founder of ""

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